How have we made adjustments due to COVID-19?


All dancefloors marked 6 feet apart for dancers & belongings

Waiting spots outside 6 feet apart


Seating areas and lobby are closed

Cubbies are closed


Dancers are encouraged to wear masks to and from class, but are able to take off masks when in class while social distancing and exercising We will have clean ziploc bags available each day for every student.

Dancers are required to sanitize before they enter the dance room. They may also sanitize again as they leave.


Teachers are asked to wear a mask when not exercising and will be sanitizing between classes as well as sanitizing all door handles, restrooms, and dance equipment between classes. Dancefloors will be sanitized daily as well as any other commonly touched areas. 


Parents/Guardians should be waiting outside the studio on the distance-measured X's during pick-up and drop-off. We will not allow children to walk across the parking lot alone. There have been many incidents where drivers come speeding through the parking lot, especially in the evening. Please only come inside the lobby if necessary.



If you are traveling in one of the states that are at high rates of COVID-19, you must self-quarantine for 2 weeks. You may talk to your teacher about doing virtual Zoom classes instead of coming in to the studio for class(es).



Please take your temperature at home as we need to start our classes promptly after sanitizing. If your temperature is above 100, or if you feel sick at all, we ask that you please stay home. If you have any symptoms of COVID-19, we ask that you please get tested/see a doctor.

1421 ROUTE 209 SUITE #109


PHONE: (484) 426-4888