At Levels, we strive to create a family-friendly atmosphere where students learn while having fun. Our highly experienced teachers and assistants help all dancers reach their highest potential. We pride ourselves on providing quality dance training and technique to ensure the safety and growth of our dancers. We offer various styles for all ages. We provide recreational classes for beginner and intermediate dancers as well as competitive classes for advanced dancers. We ensure, regardless of level, that each student receives equal opportunities. Many of our students grow up to be soloists, competition team members, teaching assistants, and even teachers. This is a mother-daughter run business which is a dream come true for us. At Levels, we positively encourage dancers to become the greatest version of themselves. Not only in dance, but also in life, our students reach higher levels, achieve their goals, and live their dreams.


The history of our dance studio goes back to 1976. It was first started by Melody Kline. It was named "Melody's Dance Studio" which began at the Trachsville Fire Company. She then moved it to Palmerton, and even ran the studio out of her own home! She finally started renting the location as we know it today, here at Route 209 in Brodheadsville, PA. After an amazing 27 years, she decided to move to Florida where she still teaches Adult Tap. Before it became LEVELS as we know it today, it was owned by Dawn Massa and named "Dance 'til Dawn" until 2017. Dawn was also a teacher at Melody's and happy to carry on the studio after all of those years. Alyssa Noll, current Owner & Director of Levels Dance Studio, was a teacher at Dance 'til Dawn for 3 years and was ecstatic to reopen the studio in August 2017 in its new name. We still have students who have been faithful to our brand since it was Melody's Dance Studio, and LEVELS still carries on traditions that were started many years ago by Melody, such as performing at Community events, competing in Northeast PA/NJ, and most importantly, having an Annual Spring Recital where each student earns their very own GOLD MEDAL for working so hard all year long!  We hope you choose LEVELS and embark on this 30+ year journey with us!

Miss Melody 
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Melody's Dance Studio, 3 Levels Elite Dancers
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