I understand that I am required to purchase all necessary items, costumes, and accessories for competition as stated by the instructor.


I understand that all competitions, performances, and rehearsals are mandatory. I must not arrive late or leave before I am dismissed.

I understand that I am only allowed 4 absences (unexcused or excused) from Sept-June or I may not be able to perform/compete. 


​I understand that I must be respectful to all teachers and parents and set a good example for the other dancers at Levels. I must refer to all teachers as “Miss”.


​I understand that I must obey the dress code at all times, NO EXCEPTIONS.


I understand that if I am on Levels Elite, I must also take the required technique class and/or Ballet class as stated on the website and by the teacher.


​I understand that if I am representing Levels Elite, I must have good attendance, good attitude, and 110% effort in all my classes, not just competition classes.


I understand that if I am going to be absent, I must notify my teacher ahead of time by e-mail, phone call, or text. For a solo, at least 24 hours in advance


I understand that if I am injured or do not feel well, but are not contagious or sick, I must come to class and observe. 


I understand that if I miss more than one full week of classes, I must submit a doctor’s note to the studio.

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