Dress Code

For most classes, we have a simple, straight forward dress code. Please wear clothes you feel comfortable in and can move around in. This means something you can wear to the gym or to work out in. Examples are T shirts, leggings, yoga pants, sweatpants, tank tops. Please do not wear jeans, dresses, blouses, dressy shirts, or school pants of any kind. Please also wear the correct footwear to class. This means a type of dance shoe approved by your teacher, and eventually Revolution Brand which is ordered through the Studio. NO socks or stocking feet. If your hair is to your shoulders or longer, it must be in a ponytail or bun.

All Classes: *Must wear proper footwear as stated below

ALL ACRO/BALLET CLASSES: Must wear a leotard.

Competition classes:

Jan-March: All Black Dance Attire must be worn.

TECHNIQUE/BALLET CLASSES: Must wear a black leotard.


Shoes for our classes must be purchased through Levels.  We only sell Professional Revolution Brand Shoes for proper dance training and safety. Revolution Dancewear only partners with dance studios, so you are not able to purchase elsewhere.**Your child's shoes must be ordered the same month as you register. Please see your teacher about sizing.



Attendance will be taken in the beginning of each class. If your child is going to miss class, you should notify the teacher ahead of time or text/call/e-mail the studio. You can make up a class that is missed by asking your teacher another day and time you may come. Making up a class prior to your child missing the class is not allowed. If you are going to withdrawal from a class or classes, please notify the studio by email, message, or phone call. If your costume is already ordered, the cost will not be refunded. (Costumes ordered in November/December) You must notify the studio within at least 7 days of the next month's tuition due date or Autopay will go through.

Child Pick Up/Drop Off

Must pick up and drop off your child in the waiting area. The parking lot can be dangerous and your child will not be allowed to walk by themselves. Please do not park on the side of the curb as this will block the door and can be a fire hazard. Please park in a parking spot and walk inside the studio to pick up and drop off your child. *COVID update* Please wait outside the studio for your child/with your child on our designated X's when dropping off/picking up because of Social Distancing and CDC Guidelines.


Inclement Weather

When the studio closes for inclement weather, there will be make up classes scheduled by Levels in February, March, and/or April depending on how many are needed. For notification of class cancellations due to weather, emergency, etc., please check either the website's home page, Levels Facebook Page, or Levels Instagram Page to know if Levels is closing or not. Notifications will be posted at least two hours prior to class time(s). You may also sign up for text message alerts. Please do so on your annual registration form. *We kindly ask that you please do not send texts, comments, or Facebook messages asking if we will be closed or not. Please wait for our texts and postings.*

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